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You know… Whopperjawed?




Heya everyone! It is I, Adorkable Peapod bringing you my newest toy. WhopperJawed! Most of you are saying… wth is Whopperjawed? I asked the same thing when I was building this. A friend came in as I was stacking cubes and said “its all whopper jawed and stuff”. Ummmm… what? So I looked it up and found out it means askew, off center or crooked. So here we are… WhopperJawed!

Whopperjawed is available at aDORKable Poses Main Store at The Deck. It contains 12 poses held in a stack of 13 prims. No menus, just jump on and you are ready to go! I went out of my way to make this fun for every size group. Only 2 poses are a couple so no matter how many people you have to play and take pics with, it will still be fun. The combinations are endless! The set is mod and copy and includes a free pose setter so you can easily adjust these to fit any avi without causing constant lag on your sim.

See it in world only @
aDORKable Poses Main Store at The Deck and you can find it on Xstreet by clicking Xstreet or by looking up Adorkable Poses.

About Adorkable Peapod Deck/134/192/22

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