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Crayons, Monkeys and Centerfolds…Oh My!

Lots of dorky newness and announcements this week so I’ll be quick about it.

Our newest creation, “Color Me Dorky” was inspired by all the back to school hoopla going on right now.  This set is 5 oversized crayons and has 8 poses in it.    It’s great alone but even more fun with friends.  Check it out at The Deck!


I miss playing on the monkey bars…I’ll admit it.  But now, I can just monkey around with my friends with our new “Monkey Bars” pose!


There are endless possibilities with our new “Centerfold” pose!


It’s Tuesday, so it’s Dorky Doubles time.  2 for 1 poses, available only at The Deck.  Today we bring you the “Incentive” and “Study Buddy” poses for only 50L!  Studying never felt so good!



We are participating in the Mother/Daughter Hunt and have 2 sets of Mommy and Me poses in the store.  The hunt runs until the end of the month so hop on over to our mainstore at The Deck and get started!


Last, but not least, we’re excited to announce that we have expanded our business and have added a remote location to Ohana Isle. Ohana Isle is home to Eolande’s, The Punk Shack, Tea Monster, Treehouse Treasures, Halloween 365 and much more. They have monthly treasure hunts that are fabulous, which of course we’ll be participating in.

Another cool place on Ohana Isle is Quarter Alley. Everything there is in a vending machine and your item is given randomly. We’ll be setting up our vending machines there today and they’ll be full of poses for only 25L….with a fun twist. We’ll be including 1 of our most popular couples or group poses in each machine so you have a chance of getting these for only 25L!! You just have to come and check out the goodies there! Quarter Alley is next to Eolande’s brand new mainstore, which is totally gorgeous by the way.

All of our poses can be found at aDORKable Poses at The Deck.

Come and check out our new remote location at aDORKable Poses at Ohana Isle.

Put a little dork in your day!

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