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Pumpkin Overload!

October comes and there is so much to do in SL. I’ve been immersed in Octoberville since the start of the month. It is an amazing adventure and quite challenging this year. Just search Octoberville and you’ll find it easily. Hurry though because it takes days to complete it.

I wanted to get out a quick reminder of our pumpkin poses that we have available. They won’t be in the store year round and will disappear soon so hurry in!

The Great Dork Patch:



Pumpkin Nodding:


This limited edition Pumpkin freebie is available only at our Lame (Fuzzy) location and ONLY until the end of October!

aDORKablePoses Pumpkin Sit

New releases are availble at Lame Shopping Center (Fuzzy) and of course The Deck. You can also find me at Costa Rica and my newest location at Treehouse Treasures. Have a great week!

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