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Quest for the Stars!

I received a message this week from PopFuzz Bamboo letting me know that the stores at the Lame (Fuzzy) sim will need to be relocated and did I want to move with her. Heck yes I do! Seeing what PopFuzz has in store for the redesigned PopFuzz sim, I am more than excited to be in our new location! So excited in fact that I came up with a hunt. Oh no wait, scratch that. I did not just use the “H” word! What I actually came up with is a “Quest for the Stars” to celebrate my new location at PopFuzz. 10 poses in this quest…all free! They are all inside my store at PopFuzz and just waiting for you to find them! No running around to hundreds of different locations.


Here are the poses that can be found in this Quest!

Star Quest 1

Star Quest 2

Come to aDORKable Poses at PopFuzz and reach for the stars! While you’re here, check out all of the other designers that have also made the move to the PopFuzz sim. There’s still a bit of construction going on, and designers still moving in, but I know you won’t be disappointed in what Poppy has come up with!

(Psst……the stars are already in place so you can come on down today!!)

Find it only at PopFuzz .

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