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New at aDORKable Poses!

Now that the mad holiday rush is over, I’ve finally had some time to work on some poses.  You all know by now that I get inspired by the weirdest things and this week is no exception. Quirky appeals to me!

The other day, a friend told me about  It is absolutely hysterical and I can’t wait until my next trip to a hotel so I can take some bed jumping pics!  So, yeah, I’ve had jumping on my mind.

“Yeah!” is a pose of 2 people, mid-jump, that are high-fiving.  I’ll be trying this for sure over the beds at my next hotel visit.  Hope I don’t break them!

I had so many odd jumping ideas that I just went ahead and did a “Jump Me!” Dork Pack.

The “Rug Burn” Dork Pack are all poses on your knees!  You probably don’t want to know what inspired me to do these 😛

Our mainstore at The Deck has also gotten a makeover.  Stop in and see the changes and don’t forget to visit the attic.  There just might be something special out for a couple of days 😉

Available at The Deck!

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