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The Pole Dance Workout

I was watching Martha Stewart the other day, yes I’m a dork like that, and she had someone on there talking about the pole dancing workout.  What an awesome way to get in shape!  So I bring you the dorky version of it…”Strip-a-Doodle”.  It is a stripper’s pole with 5 poses in it.  No bedroom is complete without it!  Now to convince my husband to install a pole in my RL bedroom 😛

“Driving Blind” is a fun couples pose and our Emoter Hud is included for some extra facial fun!

Have you checked out aDORKable Poses on Flickr?  We have a group and would love to see your pics using our poses.  Contests will be announced soon!  Join our group at aDORKable Poses Flickr

Available only at The Deck!

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