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SL Blips for Avatars United

Now we can connect our SL avatar to our Avatars United profile!

MSo Lambert has created the “SL Blips Hud for Avatars United”. It can be purchased for free on Xstreet.

SL Blips is an application for Avatars United that enables you to display your Second Life related information on your Avatars United profile and send short messages (called “blips”) from within Second Life which are then displayed on your Avatars United profile.

You can also easily set or update your home or business location directly from Second Life.

This HUD allows you to connect your Second Life avatar with your profile on Avatars United.

To use this HUD, you will also need to add the SL Blips application to your Avatars United profile by going to

Here is a screenshot of the information on my profile for SL Blips.

Pretty cool, huh!?! There’s more you can do with it that I haven’t had time to play with yet, such as:

/999 blip [message]
Posts a short message (blip) on Avatars United with your current location attached. Your friends will be able to check or teleport to the location of the blip. The message must be between 10 and 140 characters.

Example: /999 blip I’m at this cool music event, come check it out!

/999 home
Sets your home location which will be displayed on your Avatars United profile. Your friends will be able to see and teleport to your location.

Come on over to Avatars United and set up your profile.  It’s been a lot of fun so far hooking up with so many different people.

You can unite with me at Avatars United and join the aDORKable Poses Group there as well!

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