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Love, Love Me Do

“Love, love me do.  You know I love you.  I’ll always be true.  So please love me do.” – The Beatles

Love in a Box is a silly concept that I thought of and had fun putting together.  The box is modifiable, so retexture/recolor to your hearts content!  There will be more “box” poses coming soon!

As my daughter was dancing around the house to “YMCA” and doing the dance moves, you know the one played at EVERY wedding it seems, I got this whacky idea of having avi’s doing “L-O-V-E”!!  So here you have it…the Valentine’s group pose dollarbie!  Hope you don’t get “YMCA” stuck in your head like I have!

Available only at The Deck!

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  2. sasyscarborough

    awesome ♥



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