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aDORKable Poses: Pose Fair Preview Part 1

Pose Fair 2010 starts on 4/2/10 and we’re so excited to be a part of it! We have so many new things that will be released at Pose Fair.

New Prop Poses

“Girls Only!” A 5 pose prop set in a Girls Only clubhouse.

“Framed!” 5 different poses with frames, highlighting different parts of your avi. Want to show off those new shoes? Your hiney? These are perfect for that! We’ve made 4 different frame styles so you will actually receive 20 frames with poses! Just rez the frames and hop on. The frames are modifiable so you can adjust the size and/or color to suit your needs.

“Framed Male” Similar to the female set, but for the dudes. Again, 20 frames with poses!

We have much more to show you so stay tuned!

Here is the direct link to our shop at Pose Fair, but remember, it won’t work until 4/2/10!
Find it only at aDORKable Poses @ Pose Fair

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