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aDORKable Subscribo Gift Issues Fixed!

Hey DORKS!  Its me Adorkable once again.  Today I put out a new gift in the Subscribo and unfortunately there were problems with some people receiving the gift.  Good news!  The problem has been resolved!  If you are a member of the aDORKable Poses subscribo you can click the Subscribo and look into history for a redeliver.  The gift is currently #1 on the list.  If you havent joined the subscribo you can do that now and you will receive the gift.  Whats the gift you ask?

The aDORKable Wagon has poses for up to 3 people at a time.  The poses are all adjustable via menu and the wagon can be resized via menu as well.  The wagon is modifable so change the color to whatever you’d like!!

Available at The Deck!

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