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aDORKable Poses Birthday Sale!

I can’t believe it’s been a year already!  Thank you to all of you that have supported us and been a part of our first year.  Many thanks also to the bloggers that have taken the time to blog our poses and make them look so wonderful.  We wouldn’t have made it without all of you! ❤

Special thanks to Sasy Scarborough for giving aDORKable a home at The Deck and for being an amazing woman and friend.   You have a heart like no other.

We have a couple of new releases in time for our anniversary and more that will be put out in the next few days.

Blooming:  A swing with sculpt roses that has 5 poses, adjustable via menu.  The swing is modifiable so that you can adjust the size, height of ropes, etc. to fit your needs.  A swing script is included but can easily be removed if you don’t want it.

Rosey:     5 pose set which includes the sculpt rose prop.

There are also 3 new freebies in the store!  Hope to see you at The Deck!!

Available at The Deck!

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