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Poser Fight!

Sometimes, you get involved with a project that is just so much fun, it can’t even be counted as work and this was definitely one of those projects.  The people on this project were nothing short of amazing every step of the way.   Thank you Dove Swanson, IsabellGrace Baroque, Litzi Xue, Katey Coppola, Rogan Diesel, Trieste Minuet, Chandni Khondji, Elle Kirshner, Fanny Willis, Elikapeka Yokosuka and Glamouramama Boa for doing this!

The idea was to create a group pose called “Poser Fight” with each of us creating a single pose.  The twist was that we were not allowed to discuss our poses with each other.  We would all submit our poses in secret, not having a clue what the finished product would look like until the final poster was created.  Everyone really stepped up to the challenge and got creative with their poses and props.  Kicking, punching, death by booty, bats, chairs, slingshots, umbrellas, mallets and even the dreaded death by flip flop.  I don’t think the final group pose could have come out any better and I think it actually helped that we didn’t know what each other was doing.

Here is a pic of  “Who’s Who” in case you’re having trouble picking everyone out.

The poses will be on sale at each individual store from 8/4/10 – 8/18/10 for only 25L each!  You can pick up a notecard with all of the landmarks at any of the participating stores or use the SLurls below.

Long Awkward Pose
aDORKable Poses
Olive Juice
Diesel Works
Pulling Strings
Honey and Vinegar
Just a Pose

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  2. You are awesome! The poster turned out so funny and thank you for all the hard work you put into this. What a great idea you and Dove had. P.S. I ❤ that we are fighting each other, hahahaha, couldn't be further from the truth. ILY ❤

  3. This looks like sooo much fun!! Utter genius! ❤

  4. That is just amazing…and I dont know I dont have words for how awesome that is! I hope more projects like this turn up in the future! Good Job Everyone!

  5. hahaha! oh gosh thats amazing and looks like so much fun!! i love it. 🙂

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