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Dorka Sutra

Ever thought about the names of sexual positions?   Who comes up with these names?!?  So I was sitting here the other night thinking about them and this quirky thought came to my  head.  What if two people that weren’t very “active” yet, tried the positions but didn’t really understand them?  Thus, Dorka Sutra was born.  These poor people…..I hope they figure it out soon!

Only 200L for all 3!   All 3 sets are modifiable poseballs.  It also comes with the full mod chair with poses in it, adjustable via menu.

Wait until you see Chapter 2!  Hopefully I can get that out soon, but I’m headed out for a week long vacation in a couple of days…finally, so it may be delayed a bit!

Available at The Deck!

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  2. Great imagination and sense of humor!


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