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aDORKable Poses @ Hair Fair 2010!!!

The 5th annual Hair Fair runs September 4th to September 19th and “Wigs for Kids” is the charity of choice this year.

We were asked to create poses for the Hair Fair sims this year.  To say we were excited to be named as the Official Hair Fair Posers this year would be a huge understatement!  It took me days to get my chin off the ground 😛  Throughout the sims, you will find poseballs set up for photo opportunities.  Some are group poses and some are prop poses that you can find inside the Hair Designer’s tents/booths.  We have most of these poses for sale at the fair also, in two locations, Sim 1 & Sim 3.  Here are the sets that will be available at Hair Fair with some of the proceeds going to Wigs for Kids.  Most of the group pose sets can be used as group poses or as individual poses and both poseballs and the poses are included.

Available at aDORKable @ Hair Fair Sim 1 and aDORKable @ Hair Fair Sim 3

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