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Hussys and Horses

The Brazen Hussy Chair comes with 5 poses adjustable via menu.  Also included is a texture change menu with 22 different textures.  The chair is modifiable so you can customize the color combination with endless variations.

This chair will be available from 1/15 – 1/29 at the Chic Limited event.

Read about the Chic Limited event here! Chic Limited

It is time for the much awaited Pro Posers hunt!  Our hunt gift is Phoney Poney, 3 wear to pose stick horse props.  The props are modifiable so you can resize them, move them, etc.  The hunt runs from 1/15 – 2/15.

Available at The Deck!

I am posting this early because I’m headed to southern Florida for a few days to get some much needed quiet time in the sun.  I’m so ready to say goodbye to all of this snow for a few days!  Have a great weekend!

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  1. Marissa Goodliffe

    Whoa! I have that chair RL (In dark purple) Thanks for making it here!


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