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New from Adorkable @ Pose Fair

Pose Fair 2010 opened on Sunday, April 15th.  120 pose stores on 2 sims!  As always, I’m so excited to be a part of this.  Katey Coppola from Glitterati always does such a fantastic job organizing this event and this year is no exception.  The sim is beautiful and watery, yet simple enough to allow for a quicker load time.

I was lucky enough to get to play pose tag with RubyStarlight Writer of Exposeur to come up with these 2 collaborations.  On the friends collab, I did the bottom girl and she did the top and for the couple’s collab, she did the guy and I did the girl.  It was so much fun to interpret poses blindly like this.  I hope we can do it again!  Both collab sets are available at Pose Fair in the Adorkable booth as well as the Exposeur booth.


Available at Pose Fair!

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