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New ground sits are out!

I’ve also put together a list of viewers, that I’m aware of, where you can adjust the height/ground offset which raises or lowers your avatar.  This is useful for adjusting yourself while in a static pose to keep your feet out of the ground, or to adjust while sitting on furniture or even while in a couples pose.  This list, and instructions how to do it, will be placed inside each future vendor and is also available at my mainstore near the entrance.

Second Life Viewer:

Enable the Advanced Menu: Windows: (Ctrl+Alt+D) Mac: (Ctrl+Opt+D)

Enable the Developer Menu: Go to Advanced Menu check Developer Menu at the bottom.

Next: Develop > Avatar Character Tests Allow Select Avatar

Next: Press Ctrl+3 &  Click on your Avatar’s body > raise/lower via arrow

Phoenix Viewer:

Go to Edit > Preferences > Phoenix Tab > Avatars > Z Modifier > adjust

Firestorm Viewer:

Go to your Lower Toolbar > Click on the Firestorm Icon – Adjust your Height Offset

Exodus Viewer:

Click on the Tools button > Shift the Ground Offset Slider to the right

Singularity Viewer:

Go to Edit > Preferences > Vanity > Body Dynamics

Nirans Viewer:
Edit > Preferences Panel >Viewer >RLVa >Avatar height offset

Available at The Deck!

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