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I love to play dress up!

Usually, when I make a pose set, I shop for an outfit that fits the poses after I make them.  I decided to be different this time because I’m dorky like that and I knew just the outfit that I wanted to inspire some poses.  I ran to Artilleri and got the Poodle Power outfit and Gabriella glasses.  It’s an outfit that I’ve wanted for a long time.  I got all dressed up and channeled my inner Rizzo and Sandy.  I thought about what I would do if I were wearing this outfit in real life.  I’ll admit it.  I danced around my family room imagining the swish of this poodle skirt 😛

I plan on doing more pose sets inspired by outfits because this was so much fun to do.  If you have any outfit suggestions, drop me a notecard.  If I use your suggestion, I’ll send you the set for free!  With this set and the included mirror poses, you could really make your avi’s look like they’re dancing with each other.  I hope you enjoy it!

Available at The Deck!