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Thank you Bloggers <3

Second Life Bloggers provide us all with so much every day.  They give us fashion, the latest trends, all of the “must haves”, beautiful art through their photography, advice, tutorials, and of course they advertise for the creators and designers.  Bloggers, thank you so much for taking the time, and lindens, to do this for the Second Life community.  You are appreciated for everything that you do each and every day!

I made a gift for you that can be found at my mainstore.  It’s a Blogger Bubble complete with 18 different silly phrases.  There are also 5 new unisex poses included.  Just wear the bubble and then choose a pose!  The bubble can be worn with any pose and you could even just wear it while walking around Second Life.

I hope you have fun with it.  Thank you all!  ❤

Available at The Deck!

*  Everyone is welcome to pick up this gift.  Just keep in mind that I had bloggers in mind when I created it so the phrases revolve around a blogger.