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Chic Limited and DIMH2

Petals In the Wind pose set includes 4 poses with petal props.  Petals come in two versions, pink/white and a grayscale texture so that you can recolor them to suit your needs.  They are modifiable also so you can resize or move them around at will.  This set is wear to pose and also includes the poses without the props.

Chic Limited MARCH (The Elements) Opens March 12th. -Nemesis-, Peqe, Sn@tch, MOOD, Magoa, ORION, RezIpsa Loc, abode, Grixdale, House of Fox, Adorkable, Glam Affair, Indie Rose, Ingenue, PIDIDDLE, Callie Cline, Caroline’s Jewelry, *~*HopScotch*~*,  Bottle Bird, HUZ TATS, Fear & Clothing, [M], HelaMiyo, Ivalde, Mynerva, Kyoot, SHAG, ANA_Mations, REPUBLIC and Nzuri.

Available at Chic Limited!

The Diamond is Mine Hunt 2 kicks off today and runs through April 11th.  The Carats pose set includes 3 wear to pose props that are also modifiable.  Poses are also included without the props.

Available at The Deck!