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New Subscribo Group Gift @ aDORKable

Poses are adjustable via menu and the pumpkin is modifiable.  Hurry in and get it before it’s gone!

Available at The Deck!

3 New Peeps! Free @ The aDORKable Poses Main Store

Heya DORKS! I have come up with 3 more peep poses for your Easter basket! This set will only be available at
The Deck. Don’t worry, the 3 poses available at the pose fair are still there and will until the fair closes.

Here is a quick glimpse of whats new at the Main Store. Have a great weekend everyone!

Free for a limited time only at The Deck!

Last Chance for the free bubble!

Today is the last day to get the Cutesy Bubble for free so head on over to our mainstore at The Deck before midnight!
Available only at The Deck!

Reminder that the Art Fair at Albero starts in just 2 days!  We will have an exclusive prop pose out in front of our store at Albero. (pics coming soon!)  So many fabulous things will be out for this and you really won’t want to miss this event!

Taxi to Albero

We’re so busy getting ready for the first ever Pose Fair! Tons of new dorky stuff will be released at the fair so mark your calendars!

aDORKable Poses Half Off Sale…Last Chance!

Our half off sale on couples poses ends tonight at midnight, SLT.  Don’t miss this rare opportunity to get your couples poses for 50L!

The “L-O-V-E” group pose dollarbie  and “On Top of the World” couples freebie will also disappear at midnight tonight!

Available only at The Deck!

Mmm… Sushi, The Forbidden Fruit

So I was sitting in my local all you can eat sushi place thinking about the latest hunt I have joined. “The Forbidden Fruit” hunt. What’s so aDORKable about a sexy, naughty, dirty hunt? Hmmm… nothing. And then as I took a bite of my California roll, she looked up at me and said “SUSHI!” Thats it! I can make a pose based on my favorite of all the forbidden fruits, sushi!

Adult poses are something I have definitely wanted to do. Whats more fun than imagining different scenarios and then recreating your fantasies? But how would my loyal customers take an adult pose from aDORKable? What better way to find out than to give it out for free? So here it is! I introduce my first truly “adult” pose. Mmm… Sushi. It is a couples pose set on 2 pillows for your lovely lady to lean back on as you… well… eat 😉 I hope you like! I would love to do more sensual poses in the future. Mmm… Sushi will be available as my gift for the Forbidden Fruit Hunt. Hunt runs from January 9th – 25th. For more info please check here:

Available at The Deck!

aDORKable freebies

Hey fellow dorks! I have had so many new freebies in the past couple of weeks I wanted to clear up some locations and what is available. First off… the Forever Farrah freebie is no longer available. Sorry everyone. But it has been replaced with so much dorky goodness! Lets start with what is available everywhere. The EMOTE HUD is still available at all 3 locations. Also the “in store freebie” is still available at all locations. That is a basic pose for a guy and a pose for a girl. Those are the same poses that have been out since day one of aDORKable. So whats new everywhere? “Time Of my Life” is my newest freebie that is available at all my stores. Like Forever Farrah, this will be a limited time pose.


This is available at The Deck, Lame Shopping Center (Fuzzy) and at Costa Rica.

What is unique to each store you ask?

OnTopOfTheWorldHQ BLOG

On Top Of The World is available only at our newest store on Costa Rica. This is a limited time freebie.

aDORKablePoses Pumpkin Sit

Pumpkin Sit is available only at Lame Shopping Center (Fuzzy). This will only be available through Halloween.


Good Grief is available only at The Deck. It is part of the Game Day hunt. Look for the Football.

That is all I have out right now but I have BIG plans for Halloween. Be sure to keep up to date with those plans at or by joining the aDORKable Poses group in world! Group members get exclusive freebies. These are only available until a new one comes out to replace them and I don’t blog these so be sure to stay in the group! All links above should be working, if they aren’t feel free to search Adorkable Peapod in world. A list of all 3 locations are in my picks which make for easy store hopping.

Enjoy your weekend my fellow DORKs!

aDORKable Poses on Costa Rica!

I was fortunate enough to be able to open a new shop in the beautiful Costa Rica Shopping District. If you haven’t been to the Costa Rica sims, I highly recommend that you do!

“A well stablished 60+ sim private Estate with one of the most respected names in SL. Having been named one of the “25 Most Beautiful Places in SL” by different publications and “Hot Spots” on The Costa Rica Sims offer beautiful parcels, which include the 1st months tier, in a wide variety of environments, the best shopping, with over 50 of the top designers in SL, many amenities which are found nowhere else. All our sims are connected for community feeling and magnificent sailing and with a strong team of specialists in their fields, no other estate in Second Life brings this unparalleled level of personal service. All this awaits you in a community where SL’s glitterati and celebrities live, along with residents from over 40different countries. “

To celebrate our new location, we have put an exclusive freebie at our Costa Rica location. Come on down and check out the beauty that is Costa Rica…not to mention the astounding selection of shops from some of the top SL designers.

OnTopOfTheWorldHQ BLOG

Find it only at Costa Rica .

Its an aDORKable world

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Hey Dorks! I wanted to go ahead and blog about a single pose I just put in the aDORKable Poses Main Store. I have a couple more after this I am hoping to get put out this week because this weekend I break out the big guns! Literally! Blog with you soon!


I almost forgot! I finally got the emote HUD out! Its the same basic emote HUD everyone else puts out but this one has my store logo on it! SO if you are new to sl or you are looking for an emote HUD for an alt or a friend… send them to aDORKable Poses! This along with all of the poses is available on Xtreet also under Adorkable Poses.