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Mmm… Sushi, The Forbidden Fruit

So I was sitting in my local all you can eat sushi place thinking about the latest hunt I have joined. “The Forbidden Fruit” hunt. What’s so aDORKable about a sexy, naughty, dirty hunt? Hmmm… nothing. And then as I took a bite of my California roll, she looked up at me and said “SUSHI!” Thats it! I can make a pose based on my favorite of all the forbidden fruits, sushi!

Adult poses are something I have definitely wanted to do. Whats more fun than imagining different scenarios and then recreating your fantasies? But how would my loyal customers take an adult pose from aDORKable? What better way to find out than to give it out for free? So here it is! I introduce my first truly “adult” pose. Mmm… Sushi. It is a couples pose set on 2 pillows for your lovely lady to lean back on as you… well… eat 😉 I hope you like! I would love to do more sensual poses in the future. Mmm… Sushi will be available as my gift for the Forbidden Fruit Hunt. Hunt runs from January 9th – 25th. For more info please check here:

Available at The Deck!