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aDORKable Happenings

We’re celebrating Halloween at The Deck with treats all around the sim from many designers, including aDORKable Poses, Winx Home and Gardens, Miel, Idiosyncrasy, Bare Rose, MichaMi, Adam and Eve, Amaris Designs, PopFuzz, & Miseria. There are poses, clothing, household goods, accessories, eyes, skins, shoes, costumes and more. It only lasts through Saturday so get your dorky hinies over to The Deck and pick up your goods. There are many freebies, dollarbies and items priced under 100L.

Here are the items that aDORKable Poses has out for this event.




Also, a reminder of our Quest for the Stars at our PopFuzz location. 10 poses for free, including couples poses and poses with props. All 10 stars are hidden inside the store.


Free poses in the quest:

Star Quest 1

Star Quest 2

Halloween Event: The Deck

Quest for the Stars: PopFuzz