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Do you need Tutor?

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Trouble studying? Burnt out? Feel like you have no incentive to stare at a book for hours on end? aDORKable Poses has your answer!

Incentive LRG Poster 2

Study Buddy LRG Poster

Incentive and Study Buddy are Adorkable Peapods approach to making studying fun. Just imagine whats behind that book. If you learn your P’s and Q’s you just may get a chance to find out. The “tutor” just needs to click the poseball for a book and then shes ready to enhance young “minds”. The book is not needed in the Incentive pose so once the teacher decides her student has done enough work, she can drop it for a whole new learning experience.

You can find aDORKable Poses at the Starlust ‘a la mode mall on Bill ( and also on Xstreet.

Remembering a legendary lady.

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Forever Farrah Poster

aDORKable poses is remembering a legend by offering a free pose based on one of the most memorable posters of all time.   Look for the image above in aDORKable poses in the Starlust ‘a la Mode mall or follow this link for a direct teleport (

Adorkable Poses makes its debut at Starlust ‘a la Mode

Adorkable Poses made its grid wide debut on Friday at the new shopping district Starlust ‘a la Mode.  This is Adorkable Peapods first store in world.  She not only has a store on the west side of Starlust ‘a la Mode but she also has a pose featured on the much blogged bridge at the Stalust ‘a la Mode landing point.  Adorkable Poses is offering two sets of freebies.  One in the store and one in the bridge.  Be sure to grab them while you can as she promises to change them our frequently.

Hanging By A Thread @ Starlust 'a la Mode

Hanging By A Thread @ Starlust 'a la Mode

Adorkables first featured pose is Hanging By a Thread.  This pose is available in her shop @ and also on Xstreet.  All her poses are available in both COPY and TRANSFERABLE versions.  Hanging By A Thread is 150L.

Adorkable Poses: Hanging By A Thread Poster

Adorkable Poses: Hanging By A Thread Poster

Welcome to the grid Adorkable Poses and also congrats to Garbage Prototype for another fantastic build.  Its a must see for anyone.  The lag has subsided and things are now rezzing quicker.  So go take a look!