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Adorkable: My Attic & Zodiac

pop star postersmall

It’s time for “My Attic” at The Deck.  It is a themed event from the designers at The Deck as well as a couple of special guests.  Each item is only 95L!  The current theme is Pop Music and runs from Feb 21-28.

Available at The Deck!

melancholy postersmall

Zodiac is a monthly themed event centered around the zodiac!  Each month a selected group of creators will be invited to create 1-3 items that reflects the astrological sign that is represented by that particular month. The items can be literally translated or can be done with simple inspiration such as using colors, elements, birthstones, or personality traits associated with the astrological sign.  (as stated on the Hottie Cooterati Blog )

This month, Zodiac is celebrating Pisces.  This new set, Melancholy, is out at Zodiac at a discounted rate of only 95L !

Available at Zodiac!