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aDORKable Poses New Releases

New today are 3 new Dork Packs of poses, including the mirrors so you get 20 poses in each pack!

Available at The Deck!

New Pose Props @ aDORKable Poses


This prop has 5 unique poses and their mirrors.  1 or 2 avi’s can pose at the same time, mirroring each other on either side of the column.  Pose with the same pose on each side or with different poses.  Too many variations to count!  The columns are copyable and modifiable so you can change the colors or textures as you’d like.

The In Crowd

This group set holds up to 5 people but can also be used for singles, doubles, etc.  These columns are also modifiable and copyable so have fun with your creative side and change them up!

Available at The Deck!