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aDORKable Version 2.0

Happy December my fellow Dorks! The holidays are in full swing and I have so so many plans up my sleeves. But I wanted to make a change before I put out all my holiday related poses. My prop based poses will now be fully adjustable via menu! Yup… no more editing and unlinking! So to introduce this new feature I have updated my 2 most popular poses. Whopperjawed and Bubble Doodle are now adjustable! Not only that, it will also save the 50 most recent avatar settings! What does this mean? If you love taking pics with all your friends, you only need to adjust it once. Even after you leave and come back (as long as the scripts do not get reset)! These are currently ONLY available at my shop at The Deck.

Also a reminder about the Footwear Expo. Pump It Up is only available during the expo. Once it is over this will no longer be available to purchase. A portion of all items purchased at the aDORKable booth, along with many other designers booths, will go to Toys For Tots. Don’t forget to get a raffle ticket for a chance to win items from well known designers across SL. This is your last week to enjoy the expo! Search footwear expo for a direct link.

For a direct TP to aDORKable Poses @ The Deck, click HERE.

The search for the Great Pumpkin has begun!

Halloween season is near my fellow DORKs! I am kicking off my spooky Halloween collection with this DORKy little set. The Great Dork Patch is a 4 sculpty pumpkins, 4 pose set. It is the first in a small line of Halloween sets that will be coming out in the next month so keep your eyes peeled for the Great Pumpkin!

Find it at The Deck and on Xstreet.


Bubble Bubbles Everywhere!

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Hello my fellow dorks! I have some newness for you! I am introducing the first in a series of bubbles. This set is Bubble Doodle. A sweet young girl is trapped in a bubble as her friends look and wonder what to do. Oh no! All my new releases can be found at aDORKable Poses at The Deck. Have a great week!


Super Dork is here to save the day!

Release your Super Dork with this new 10 pose Dorkpack losely based on “Super Heroes” which includes 3 stands, 2 object sits, 1 lean, 1 ground sit,  1 lay 1 crouch and 1 kneeling pose.  Find them only at aDORKable Poses at The Deck on the 2nd floor or on Xstreet.

May the Dork be with you!

Wiggle away your worries…

Good afternoon my fellow DORKs. Thought I would drop a few more poses into the blog before I get the weekends stuff ready. Today we have Handstand, Kneelin’ and Wiggle Wiggle! 3 simple poses that can be used anywhere. Even in AOs. Find them at aDORKable Poses Main Store and also on Xstreet. Blog with ya soon!




Its an aDORKable world

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Hey Dorks! I wanted to go ahead and blog about a single pose I just put in the aDORKable Poses Main Store. I have a couple more after this I am hoping to get put out this week because this weekend I break out the big guns! Literally! Blog with you soon!


I almost forgot! I finally got the emote HUD out! Its the same basic emote HUD everyone else puts out but this one has my store logo on it! SO if you are new to sl or you are looking for an emote HUD for an alt or a friend… send them to aDORKable Poses! This along with all of the poses is available on Xtreet also under Adorkable Poses.


aDORKable Poses debutes its Model Series on Xstreet

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As Adorkable Poses gets ready to build their main store on Ohana Isle, they have decided to begin releasing some of the single person poses on Xstreet. Currently available are the Female Poses “Peek a Boo”, “Demure” and “Bubble Butt” skirt and pants versions.




Peek A BooHQ

As soon as the rest of the poses are finished and product boards are made, they will be added to Xstreet. All aDORKable poses are available in Trans or Mod. The Model Series is 50L per pose with a 5 pose fatpack coming soon. The pose fatpacks will be different than most pose stores as they will include at least one sit, one stand and one “other” style of pose. This will make it easy to add a set to an AO without having to buy all singles or huge stand or sit fatpacks with a bunch of poses you will never use.

Adorkable Peapod will keep you up to date on the big main store opening as it comes near. She is expecting to have it ready to open within 2 weeks.

Adorkable Poses makes its debut at Starlust ‘a la Mode

Adorkable Poses made its grid wide debut on Friday at the new shopping district Starlust ‘a la Mode.  This is Adorkable Peapods first store in world.  She not only has a store on the west side of Starlust ‘a la Mode but she also has a pose featured on the much blogged bridge at the Stalust ‘a la Mode landing point.  Adorkable Poses is offering two sets of freebies.  One in the store and one in the bridge.  Be sure to grab them while you can as she promises to change them our frequently.

Hanging By A Thread @ Starlust 'a la Mode

Hanging By A Thread @ Starlust 'a la Mode

Adorkables first featured pose is Hanging By a Thread.  This pose is available in her shop @ and also on Xstreet.  All her poses are available in both COPY and TRANSFERABLE versions.  Hanging By A Thread is 150L.

Adorkable Poses: Hanging By A Thread Poster

Adorkable Poses: Hanging By A Thread Poster

Welcome to the grid Adorkable Poses and also congrats to Garbage Prototype for another fantastic build.  Its a must see for anyone.  The lag has subsided and things are now rezzing quicker.  So go take a look!