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Hussys and Horses

The Brazen Hussy Chair comes with 5 poses adjustable via menu.  Also included is a texture change menu with 22 different textures.  The chair is modifiable so you can customize the color combination with endless variations.

This chair will be available from 1/15 – 1/29 at the Chic Limited event.

Read about the Chic Limited event here! Chic Limited

It is time for the much awaited Pro Posers hunt!  Our hunt gift is Phoney Poney, 3 wear to pose stick horse props.  The props are modifiable so you can resize them, move them, etc.  The hunt runs from 1/15 – 2/15.

Available at The Deck!

I am posting this early because I’m headed to southern Florida for a few days to get some much needed quiet time in the sun.  I’m so ready to say goodbye to all of this snow for a few days!  Have a great weekend!

aDORKable Poses / Pro Posers Hunt

We’re so excited to be in the Pro Posers Hunt again this year!  The hunt goes from 7/15 – 8/5.

We have 3 things for you this year.  Our “Dork in a Box” 5 pose prop set, all controllable via menu and the lid moves automatically with each change in poses.  It is modifiable so you can change the size and color easily.  Our other 2 poses are single poses, “Sweet Girl” and “Pretzel”.  Hope you all stop by!

Available at The Deck!

aDORKable Poses in the Pro Posers Hunt!

The much anticipated Pro Posers hunt starts tomorrow! aDORKable Poses has joined more than 30 pose creators in this hunt. Everyone loves a good freebie, especially poses! The hunt lasts through the end of the month so hop on over to the start location and grab all the poses! With just over 30 participants, you should get through this hunt in no time. Come on….you know you wanna!!

Pro Posers Hunt

Start location for Pro Posers Hunt – Start Here

aDORKable Poses Hunt Gift: Avi Juggling

Why juggle balls when you can juggle your friends?!?

Pro Posers Avi Juggler

Find it only at aDORKable Poses at The Deck.