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Earn Rewards @ aDORKable!

I am so excited to tell you that I’ve switched the store over to the new E2V vendor system and it is totally amazing!  Not only can you gift purchases to another avatar, but you can earn rewards while shopping.  No Hud to wear, nothing to sign up for, no fees to pay, no groups to join.  Just do your normal shopping and you earn 10% of your purchase price back in store credit.  The system will remember you and track your credits.  Once you’ve saved up enough credits, touch the vendor and choose to pay with credits.  It’s that easy!  There is a terminal at the mainstore so that you can check your credits anytime.

The Direct Me chair that was made for Garden City Relief is now out at the mainstore.   Most of the poses work for both the girls and the guys!

Available at The Deck!