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The Deck One Year Anniversary this weekend!

The Deck anniversary gift at aDORKable Poses.  This will be put in the store by midnight on 5/7!  The kites are modifiable so you can change the size or the colors to anything!

Last summer, we started aDORKable Poses and like most, started in a very small location.  We quickly ran out of space and needed a permanent home.  We went to a few sims and either they were full, or the space wasn’t large enough or because we were new and completely unknown, the possibility of setting up shop just wasn’t there.  We were getting discouraged, but had one more sim that we wanted to check, Sasy Scarborough’s sim, The Deck.  Everytime we had been there previously, it was always full so we weren’t very hopeful.  We walked around the sim and saw that a large shop appeared to be vacant.  Scared of being turned down again, we contacted Sasy.  We showed her what little inventory we had at the time and inquired about a possible mainstore location at The Deck.  Sasy was amazing and said yes with open arms.  Suddenly we had a mainstore on a fabulous sim and we immediately got to work on filling what seemed at the time, to be an absolutely huge shop!  We have kept our mainstore at The Deck and can’t imagine ever leaving (yes Sasy, you’re so stuck with us!).  Sasy took a chance on us and on top of running a great shopping sim, she is an amazing woman, friend, business advisor, and confidante, although I’m pretty sure she cheats at Greedy Greedy…just sayin’ 😛  She has done so much for us that “thank you” just doesn’t seem to be enough ❤

This finally brings me to the reason for this blog.  The Deck is celebrating it’s one year anniversary this weekend!  There will be gifts out from so many designers and you really won’t want to miss it!  While you’re there, check out all the fun things Sasy has laying around…Can’t Stop, Greedy Greedy, hopscotch, a new super cool carousel, fishing, and so much more!  She’s always keeping things at The Deck updated with new and exciting things.

Here are some of the tenants of The Deck that will have gifts out!  Just take a look at that list and mark it on your calendar!!

*Adam n Eve
*aDORKable Poses
*Bare Rose
*Body Language Sweet Lovely Cute
*Hairy Solutions
*Indyra Originals
*Luck Inc
*No Strings Attached
*Shape it Up
*Tori Wear
*Tutti Frutti
*VR Foundry
*YS & YS

We hope to see you there this weekend!

Available only at The Deck!