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New @ aDORKable Poses

Available only at The Deck!

aDORKable gets dorky… er. Happy 4th of July everyone!

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Happy 4th of July everyone! It is me, Adorkable from aDORKable Poses. Looking back at some of my past summers I was thinking of the different things I remember. The thing that comes to mind first is the Fair. I remember going to the fair every year as a child. Seeing live bands… some starting out and some finishing off. (I saw Foreigner and Alice Cooper at the fair!) Riding horribly unsafe attractions for way too many ride tickets. And of course… the wacky talents of the performers around the midway. First thing that came to mind was the jugglers! Chainsaws, bowling balls, bottles, yeah those are fun. But those dont translate well into sl. So I came up with this! Introducing the Avi Jugging pose set available only at Adorkable Poses at the Starlust ‘a la Mode mall and also on Xstreet.

Enjoy your weekend everyone! Happy 4th of July!