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Adorkable Poses: Global Domination Passport

If you purchase your Passport at Adorkable Poses, you will receive the Derriere pose set which is new and exclusive to this event.  It will never be sold in my store so hurry in to get it before it is gone!


Available at The Deck!


Are you ready to dominate the globe?  Put your thinking caps on and strap in for an exciting ride around the world! This coming February, The Hottie Cooterati Experience will lead you through a dynamic and interactive mission to conquer others in their quest for gifts and glory.  This assignment won’t be easy or simple, so you’d better come prepared.

Here’s a few key details you should know!

– Global Domination will be an interactive game experience, leading you through a series of challenging puzzles themed to various countries and cultures around the globe.  Each puzzle will be demanding and challenging and the entire process should provide for hours of entertainment with great rewards.  Make no mistake… this is most certainly NOT a hunt.

– A group of specially selected original content creators (listed below) have each been assigned a country to draw inspiration from to create brand new, amazing items to offer as a gift to those who solve the puzzle.

– EVERYONE who solves the puzzle will have access to all the gifts made for Global Domination.  However, the first THREE people to finish will each get an AMAZING bonus prize.

– The total of prizes that will be available to all have a MINIMUM value of L$5000 for the standard prizes, and MUCH more with grand prizes.

– Global Domination will be pay-to-play.  You will need to a purchase a Passport HUD that will track your progress through the puzzle by giving you a stamp for each puzzle solved.  Only those with filled up Passports will have access to the prizes!

(Stolen from Hottie Cooterati Blog )


New gift at aDORKable!

The Lazy Bench is our newest gift for you.  It comes with 3 poses, all adjustable via menu.  You can pose alone or with friends.  The 2 pillows are texture change.  Just click them to access the texture change menu.  The bench itself is textured with a grayscale texture so you can change the color to anything you want.  The bench is copy/mod so you can resize at will.  I hope you enjoy it!

Available at The Deck!

aDORKable Poses New Releases

New today are 3 new Dork Packs of poses, including the mirrors so you get 20 poses in each pack!

Available at The Deck!

aDORKable Poses New Stuff!

New today at our mainstore is a couples pose called “It’s Passion” and a new dork pack of poses called “Pregalicious”.

Available at The Deck!

Also, don’t forget to stop by our newest store over at Second Style Island and pick up the exclusive free gift we have out for you!

Available at Second Style Island!

Dorka Sutra

Ever thought about the names of sexual positions?   Who comes up with these names?!?  So I was sitting here the other night thinking about them and this quirky thought came to my  head.  What if two people that weren’t very “active” yet, tried the positions but didn’t really understand them?  Thus, Dorka Sutra was born.  These poor people…..I hope they figure it out soon!

Only 200L for all 3!   All 3 sets are modifiable poseballs.  It also comes with the full mod chair with poses in it, adjustable via menu.

Wait until you see Chapter 2!  Hopefully I can get that out soon, but I’m headed out for a week long vacation in a couple of days…finally, so it may be delayed a bit!

Available at The Deck!

New Releases and Subscribo Member Discounts

New Releases and Discounts for Subscribo Members!!

Subscribo Discounts:

We are trying out something new to reward our Subscribo members this week.  Both the Frisky Dork Pack and the Cruisin prop set will be available at a 20% discount for the first 3 days that it is out (6/4 – 6/6) for our members that have been in the Subscribo for 10 days or more.  There is information at the store on how to obtain the discounted price.  Basically, when you click to buy, you are shown 2 prices.  If you’ve been in the Subscribo for at least 10 days, choose the lesser price. (discount is not available on the individual poses from the Dork Pack.  My apologies, but the Subscribo script won’t work in that vendor.)  Thank you all for being a part of our dorky world!  I can’t tell you all how much I appreciate you allowing us to be a part of your Second Life.

There will also be a Subscribo gift going out today that I’m really excited about!  More on that once I get the pics taken!

Available at The Deck!

The Deck One Year Anniversary this weekend!

The Deck anniversary gift at aDORKable Poses.  This will be put in the store by midnight on 5/7!  The kites are modifiable so you can change the size or the colors to anything!

Last summer, we started aDORKable Poses and like most, started in a very small location.  We quickly ran out of space and needed a permanent home.  We went to a few sims and either they were full, or the space wasn’t large enough or because we were new and completely unknown, the possibility of setting up shop just wasn’t there.  We were getting discouraged, but had one more sim that we wanted to check, Sasy Scarborough’s sim, The Deck.  Everytime we had been there previously, it was always full so we weren’t very hopeful.  We walked around the sim and saw that a large shop appeared to be vacant.  Scared of being turned down again, we contacted Sasy.  We showed her what little inventory we had at the time and inquired about a possible mainstore location at The Deck.  Sasy was amazing and said yes with open arms.  Suddenly we had a mainstore on a fabulous sim and we immediately got to work on filling what seemed at the time, to be an absolutely huge shop!  We have kept our mainstore at The Deck and can’t imagine ever leaving (yes Sasy, you’re so stuck with us!).  Sasy took a chance on us and on top of running a great shopping sim, she is an amazing woman, friend, business advisor, and confidante, although I’m pretty sure she cheats at Greedy Greedy…just sayin’ 😛  She has done so much for us that “thank you” just doesn’t seem to be enough ❤

This finally brings me to the reason for this blog.  The Deck is celebrating it’s one year anniversary this weekend!  There will be gifts out from so many designers and you really won’t want to miss it!  While you’re there, check out all the fun things Sasy has laying around…Can’t Stop, Greedy Greedy, hopscotch, a new super cool carousel, fishing, and so much more!  She’s always keeping things at The Deck updated with new and exciting things.

Here are some of the tenants of The Deck that will have gifts out!  Just take a look at that list and mark it on your calendar!!

*Adam n Eve
*aDORKable Poses
*Bare Rose
*Body Language Sweet Lovely Cute
*Hairy Solutions
*Indyra Originals
*Luck Inc
*No Strings Attached
*Shape it Up
*Tori Wear
*Tutti Frutti
*VR Foundry
*YS & YS

We hope to see you there this weekend!

Available only at The Deck!

3 New Peeps! Free @ The aDORKable Poses Main Store

Heya DORKS! I have come up with 3 more peep poses for your Easter basket! This set will only be available at
The Deck. Don’t worry, the 3 poses available at the pose fair are still there and will until the fair closes.

Here is a quick glimpse of whats new at the Main Store. Have a great weekend everyone!

Free for a limited time only at The Deck!


20 poses selected from various DORK packs for just 185L.
Last chance! This offer ends at Midnight SLT and it will never return!

Available only on Feb 24th, 2010. Only at The Deck!

aDORKable is stumped!

I wanted to do something that reminded me of warmer weather since I’m so tired of snow, ice, gray skies and dreary weather.  The stumps worked perfectly to cure my winter blues.  Each stump contains 3 unique poses which can be changed and adjusted easily via menu.  They are only 150L each, or the dork pack of all 3 at a bargain price of 340L.  I popped these into my newest toy and fascination….the demo rezzer.  I can’t ever seem to pass a demo rezzer without rezzing something so I might as well have one in my own store to play with at will 😛

Available only at The Deck!