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Holiday Dorkcakes!

We baked up some fun and festive Holiday Dorkcakes!  Each one has 5 poses in it and the dorkcakes are modifiable so you can change the color to fit your own taste.  They’re fun…they’re wacky…they’re adorkable!  They are only 100L each or get the pack of 4 for only 300L.  These are exclusive to our mainstore at The Deck so bring your appetites right over! 

aDORKable Version 2.0

Happy December my fellow Dorks! The holidays are in full swing and I have so so many plans up my sleeves. But I wanted to make a change before I put out all my holiday related poses. My prop based poses will now be fully adjustable via menu! Yup… no more editing and unlinking! So to introduce this new feature I have updated my 2 most popular poses. Whopperjawed and Bubble Doodle are now adjustable! Not only that, it will also save the 50 most recent avatar settings! What does this mean? If you love taking pics with all your friends, you only need to adjust it once. Even after you leave and come back (as long as the scripts do not get reset)! These are currently ONLY available at my shop at The Deck.

Also a reminder about the Footwear Expo. Pump It Up is only available during the expo. Once it is over this will no longer be available to purchase. A portion of all items purchased at the aDORKable booth, along with many other designers booths, will go to Toys For Tots. Don’t forget to get a raffle ticket for a chance to win items from well known designers across SL. This is your last week to enjoy the expo! Search footwear expo for a direct link.

For a direct TP to aDORKable Poses @ The Deck, click HERE.

aDORKable Happenings

We’re celebrating Halloween at The Deck with treats all around the sim from many designers, including aDORKable Poses, Winx Home and Gardens, Miel, Idiosyncrasy, Bare Rose, MichaMi, Adam and Eve, Amaris Designs, PopFuzz, & Miseria. There are poses, clothing, household goods, accessories, eyes, skins, shoes, costumes and more. It only lasts through Saturday so get your dorky hinies over to The Deck and pick up your goods. There are many freebies, dollarbies and items priced under 100L.

Here are the items that aDORKable Poses has out for this event.




Also, a reminder of our Quest for the Stars at our PopFuzz location. 10 poses for free, including couples poses and poses with props. All 10 stars are hidden inside the store.


Free poses in the quest:

Star Quest 1

Star Quest 2

Halloween Event: The Deck

Quest for the Stars: PopFuzz

Nodding away the day…

Happy Tuesday my fellow DORKs! It is I Adorkable with some new releases! It is almost October so I am continuing my pumpkin series with Pumpkin Nodding. Its a 2 pose set that can be used with 1 and or 2 people. Its hard work looking for that perfect pumpkin.


Next is an ode to the masked web slinger and his unknowing crush Mary Jane. Caught In His Web is a goofy yet sweet little tribute to a hero we can all relate to.


Fall is here and I do have big plans for Halloween. Keep an eye on or join the group in world! If you ever have problems finding my locations or my group feel free to search Adorkable Peapod. All the info you need is in My Picks.

New releases are availble at Lame Shopping Center (Fuzzy) and of courseThe Deck. You can also find me at Costa Rica and my newest itty bitty location at Treehouse Treasures. Have a great week!

aDORKable freebies

Hey fellow dorks! I have had so many new freebies in the past couple of weeks I wanted to clear up some locations and what is available. First off… the Forever Farrah freebie is no longer available. Sorry everyone. But it has been replaced with so much dorky goodness! Lets start with what is available everywhere. The EMOTE HUD is still available at all 3 locations. Also the “in store freebie” is still available at all locations. That is a basic pose for a guy and a pose for a girl. Those are the same poses that have been out since day one of aDORKable. So whats new everywhere? “Time Of my Life” is my newest freebie that is available at all my stores. Like Forever Farrah, this will be a limited time pose.


This is available at The Deck, Lame Shopping Center (Fuzzy) and at Costa Rica.

What is unique to each store you ask?

OnTopOfTheWorldHQ BLOG

On Top Of The World is available only at our newest store on Costa Rica. This is a limited time freebie.

aDORKablePoses Pumpkin Sit

Pumpkin Sit is available only at Lame Shopping Center (Fuzzy). This will only be available through Halloween.


Good Grief is available only at The Deck. It is part of the Game Day hunt. Look for the Football.

That is all I have out right now but I have BIG plans for Halloween. Be sure to keep up to date with those plans at or by joining the aDORKable Poses group in world! Group members get exclusive freebies. These are only available until a new one comes out to replace them and I don’t blog these so be sure to stay in the group! All links above should be working, if they aren’t feel free to search Adorkable Peapod in world. A list of all 3 locations are in my picks which make for easy store hopping.

Enjoy your weekend my fellow DORKs!

Super Dork is here to save the day!

Release your Super Dork with this new 10 pose Dorkpack losely based on “Super Heroes” which includes 3 stands, 2 object sits, 1 lean, 1 ground sit,  1 lay 1 crouch and 1 kneeling pose.  Find them only at aDORKable Poses at The Deck on the 2nd floor or on Xstreet.

May the Dork be with you!

Sassy Sleuth is on the Case!

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Hello to those who are stilll awake. Its me, Adorkable yet again. I just put out my aDORKable little set call Sassy Sleuth Is On The Case. It is two cute little sleuths digging deep for info. The set is sold individually for those who are looking for just one poses to fill in a spot. You can find it at aDORKable Poses at The Deck, Starlust ‘a la Mode and on Xstreet. Enjoy your weekend!



Good Grief!

Hello my fellow Dorks! Its Adorkable yet again with a couple more releases. I just finished putting together Welcome Home, a pose based on that time of day your loved one finally pulls into the driveway after a long day at work or when your lover turns the nob on the door for the first time after a long trip. Give your man the best gift in the world, yourself.

Second is a pose set for 2. This is a pose based on one of my childhood memories, The Peanuts. Who can forget when Lucy pulls the football away from Charlie Brown and he flips into the sky and we assume he lands on his head… we rarely ever saw him actually land, we just saw the aftermath. Good Grief! Those were they days when cartoons were so much more… well… cartoony 😉

Find them at aDORKable Poses Main Store and also on Xstreet. Blog with ya soon! Stay Dorky!



Wiggle away your worries…

Good afternoon my fellow DORKs. Thought I would drop a few more poses into the blog before I get the weekends stuff ready. Today we have Handstand, Kneelin’ and Wiggle Wiggle! 3 simple poses that can be used anywhere. Even in AOs. Find them at aDORKable Poses Main Store and also on Xstreet. Blog with ya soon!




Its an aDORKable world

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Hey Dorks! I wanted to go ahead and blog about a single pose I just put in the aDORKable Poses Main Store. I have a couple more after this I am hoping to get put out this week because this weekend I break out the big guns! Literally! Blog with you soon!


I almost forgot! I finally got the emote HUD out! Its the same basic emote HUD everyone else puts out but this one has my store logo on it! SO if you are new to sl or you are looking for an emote HUD for an alt or a friend… send them to aDORKable Poses! This along with all of the poses is available on Xtreet also under Adorkable Poses.