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Adorkable Poses @ My Attic

It’s time for “My Attic” at The Deck.  It is a themed event from the designers at The Deck as well as a couple of special guests.  Each item is only 95L!  The current theme is Memories of Love and Lust and runs from May 21 – May 31.

We are so excited to be a part of this event and have two sets of poses out.  Je T’aime is a fun prop set with sculpt hearts.  They are wear to pose and the poses are included by themselves so that you can use them for other things.  The second set, Paint Me, is a set of poses designed to accompany the  Artist Studio by Whimsy Winx.  Whimsy did such an outstanding job building this studio.  It was designed to create dynamic shadows so hurry and get this studio!  The pics you will be able to take in it will be amazing.  Of course the Paint Me pose set can be used outside of the studio too.

Available at The Deck!