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Drag your man to aDORKable’s! Its half off couples poses!

Its Valentines Day! As a special treat, I have marked down all my couples poses to HALF OFF until Monday night! No set is higher than 50L. So grab your man by the collar and drag him over to the aDORKable Poses Mainstore!

Available only at The Deck!

Feeling a little dingy today….

I’ve been in a pose creating frenzy for the past week. Don’t ask how I came up with such a variety of dorkyness this week. I’m not sure what a boat, a dog pile, a wedding, and a pumpkin exactly have in common but that’s where I ended up.

Little Dingy: A sculpty boat and paddle that is modifiable so the color and size can be changed easily. This boat pose would add some fun to your fishing hole, pool, pond, lake, ocean, etc.


Dog Pile: A 4 person pose set. I remember doing this with my friends when I was young and I giggle everytime I think of it. Grab your closest friends and become King of the Dog Pile!


Shotgun Wedding: 10 pose set. You have your perfectly posed wedding pics. Now it’s time for a wedding set that adds some dorkiness to your special day. A spin on the shotgun wedding, the wedding will go on….at least at gunpoint. The set is scripted to give guns upon touch. There are so many options with this set! Use it for 10 avi’s or just use some of the poseballs for endless photo ops.


She Got Her Man and Yes, You Do: Drag your man to the alter, to the mall, or just drag him to bed!



The Great Dork Patch: 4 sculpty pumpkin 4 person pose set. Use them together or seperately.


Find them at The Deck and on Xstreet.