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Adorkable Poses Closing Sale: Only 5 days left!

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Only at The Deck!

Avatars for Animals

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From Harlow Heslop:

The Catnip Carnival

I’m so thrilled to announce Avatars for Animals first charity event. The Catnip Carnival will run from Saturday May 18th through Sunday May 26th, and will feature ten incredibly talented designers across the grid.

Avatars for Animals keeps its focus on small, nonprofit animal shelters who are in need of help. Our first event will benefit The River Cities Humane Society for Cats located in Louisiana, USA. 100% of the proceeds made from the event will benefit the shelter directly.

We are so excited to see the Second Life Community come together to support this cause.

Only at The Catnip Carnival!

Adorkable Poses Closing Sale!

closing salesmall

It’s been a long time coming… it’s time to close Adorkable Poses.  I have had an amazing four years of making poses and getting to know some wonderful people.  My real life has just gotten so busy that I am not able to keep up with my store as I would like.    Thank you all for your love, support and friendship.  I never dreampt that what started out as a fun little hobby for a stay at home Mom could turn into something that actually helped my family financially.  I couldn’t have done it without my amazing customers and I appreciate it so much.  Thank you to the bloggers that have also been so kind to blog my poses.  You all are such an asset to store owners and I know I wouldn’t have made it this far without you.  A special thank you to my friend and biggest supporter, Sasy Scarborough.  Without you, I would never have even had a store to begin with.  I will forever treasure our friendship and every bit of business and personal advice that you ever gave me.

Everything in my mainstore is 50% or more off, now through June 9th.  I will do my best to get everything up on Marketplace.  If you have any unused store credit, now is the time to use it as it will be gone after June 9th.  You can check your rewards balance at the front of the store.  Single poses are on the first floor and couples and props are on the second floor.

I do hope that I can periodically create something for fun or for an event here and there but I guess we’ll see what the future holds.   I still have commitments to a few more events that I will be keeping.    Thank you all  from the bottom of my heart for everything!  I’m off to have a good cry as I feel like I’m losing a limb or something!!

Only at The Deck!

Pose Fair: Adorkable Poses

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I have 6 new pose sets out at Pose Fair 2013!  Pose fair is open now through 4/14/13.

Available at Pose Fair!

Adorkable @ The Arcade

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The March round of The Arcade is in full swing!  Stop in to get these Shopping Spree poses for only 25L each.  Each one comes with a set of tintable textured mesh bags, adjusted for the pose.

Available at The Arcade!

Adorkable: My Attic & Zodiac

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It’s time for “My Attic” at The Deck.  It is a themed event from the designers at The Deck as well as a couple of special guests.  Each item is only 95L!  The current theme is Pop Music and runs from Feb 21-28.

Available at The Deck!

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Zodiac is a monthly themed event centered around the zodiac!  Each month a selected group of creators will be invited to create 1-3 items that reflects the astrological sign that is represented by that particular month. The items can be literally translated or can be done with simple inspiration such as using colors, elements, birthstones, or personality traits associated with the astrological sign.  (as stated on the Hottie Cooterati Blog )

This month, Zodiac is celebrating Pisces.  This new set, Melancholy, is out at Zodiac at a discounted rate of only 95L !

Available at Zodiac!

Adorkable Poses: Global Domination Passport

If you purchase your Passport at Adorkable Poses, you will receive the Derriere pose set which is new and exclusive to this event.  It will never be sold in my store so hurry in to get it before it is gone!


Available at The Deck!


Are you ready to dominate the globe?  Put your thinking caps on and strap in for an exciting ride around the world! This coming February, The Hottie Cooterati Experience will lead you through a dynamic and interactive mission to conquer others in their quest for gifts and glory.  This assignment won’t be easy or simple, so you’d better come prepared.

Here’s a few key details you should know!

– Global Domination will be an interactive game experience, leading you through a series of challenging puzzles themed to various countries and cultures around the globe.  Each puzzle will be demanding and challenging and the entire process should provide for hours of entertainment with great rewards.  Make no mistake… this is most certainly NOT a hunt.

– A group of specially selected original content creators (listed below) have each been assigned a country to draw inspiration from to create brand new, amazing items to offer as a gift to those who solve the puzzle.

– EVERYONE who solves the puzzle will have access to all the gifts made for Global Domination.  However, the first THREE people to finish will each get an AMAZING bonus prize.

– The total of prizes that will be available to all have a MINIMUM value of L$5000 for the standard prizes, and MUCH more with grand prizes.

– Global Domination will be pay-to-play.  You will need to a purchase a Passport HUD that will track your progress through the puzzle by giving you a stamp for each puzzle solved.  Only those with filled up Passports will have access to the prizes!

(Stolen from Hottie Cooterati Blog )